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Our Poured in place technology meets the sports world. We use our Poured in Place technology to develop sports courts wth our EPDM systems. Our Sport courts offer users additional protection against falls and are also ADA compliant.


These baseball fields were specially designed to allow kids with disabilities to enjoy outdoor activities. These activities are possible by providing users access to the fields.

Our Flexi-Sports courts allow everyone to be part of the game.  


No project is too small or too big

We have done small projects(Half-court basketball court) to projects over 16,000+ sq.ft. 


Require Multiple steps to achieve

Flexi-sport courts are not painted and each color is composed 100% EPDM of a specific color.Therefore, avoiding you the hassle of having to repaint the sport lines.This process calls for multi steps as each color has to be installed at different times.

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